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Apartments & Villas started in 2017 to help people from all over the world get to know Greece better, to find the perfect accommodation for their days of stay, whether on vacation or business trip. Many options in apartments, with 1-2 bedrooms, detached houses with 2-3 bedrooms, or Villas close to the sea with 3-5 bedrooms.It also helps property owners to rent their properties in the best way, waving through the tourist market without hassle and waste of time.We offer a comprehensive and flexible service with a dedicated reception team, friendly and consistent, for a trouble-free stay, to welcome you on arrival and to say goodbye to you when you leave. There is an opportunity to explore the area.

Unique accommodations

We take pride in offering a selected portfolio of elegant and unique accommodation in Greece. Our experienced team personally reviews each property with strict rating criteria before entering Apartments & Villas. We believe that our clients deserve the peace of mind when booking their apartments, as they will book even 5-star accommodation.